Our company F&T Trading s.r.o., based in Prague, CZ. The company is owned and lead by one family, due to that client deal directly with the owners of the company. At the beginning of our company have traded predominantly with poppy seeds. After some time, we have expanded our portfolio of other commodities such as mustard seeds and cumin, flax, coriander, rye. Currently our company provides a complete service, such as post-harvest treatment of commodities and packaging of goods. Services of these provide to our stock item the expected, which is located 50 km from Prague, just 5 minutes from the main Czech highway. The company is promoted by highly ā€“ experienced trade professionals, dedicated to providing total trading strategic solutions under one roof. Also Iā€™d like to mention that our company built distribution of bio lemonades in Czech republic. Furthermore getting started with the production of poppy, flax and caraway-flavored oil cold pressed.

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  • Our company is going to exhibited on Kosher fest from 15.11. ā€“ 16.11. 2016

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